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Prodwir sa ki nou manze Manz sa ki nou prodwir

Elevaz zanimo i enportan dan lagrikiltir

Servi teknolozi pou plis efikasite lo laferm

Bazar dan lavil Victoria

Prodwi de kalite dan nou bann stor

Rann nou en pti visit, pou tou zot bezwen materyo, zouti, e latizann.

Controlling pests.


Our agricultural sector is faced with increasing challenges such a newly introduced pests and invasive species. We have no choice but to use decisive methods in order to maintain local productivity.

Metenir nou tradisyon
bann prodwir i reste an ot demann

Bann prodwir a baz zannimo, tel ki bouden, sosis sale, lavyann sale, graton e lezot ankor, i reste kle dan nou lakwizil kreol Seselwa.

En pti salad fre

Lakonpanyman esansyel pou sak repa lazournen.

Welcome to the official website of Agriculture

The first and foremost priority of the Ministry of Agriculture is to facilitate and support a food secure Seychelles through the realization of the objectives of the Seychelles National Agricultural Investment plan (SNAIP) formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

However the Seychelles’ agricultural sector has faced many challenges for instance trade liberalization also over the past 10 years or more there has been major decline in the livestock production.


Low value addition to agricultural produce and limited market access

High level of post-harvest losses

Limited able land resource

Low production and productivity dependent on season

Weak implementation of agricultural laws and policies

Despite of all the challenges, the farmers are always our first priority as we try our best to transform their lives and livelihood by the various support and services we offer them.

We believe in our mission and must at all cost empower our farmers to increased and sustained local food production to reduce importation level by providing them with all the essential institutional framework.

This will inspire in them a sense of responsibility to ensure that their business is uniquely aimed at producing the optimum amount of local food using all the local resources available to them, as well as a sense of care and respect for humanity and nature.

LATEST updates from AGRINEWS

Meeting with Hermitage Farmers

Irrigation officers from Seychelles Agricultural Agency met with Hermitage Community farmers on Friday 17th April...


In the effort to revitalize the agricultural sector, an MOU between the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and the...

La Semence - Youth Farming Enterprise

La Semence (Youth Farming Enterprise)- Application form available at SAA Office. Deadline to submit- 31 July,2020.

Take Control of Your Agricultural Productivity,
Ensuring continuity and Growth!

In the face of declining local agricultural production, Ministry of Agriculture has to innovate ways of reducing risks to food security especially from climate changewhich  is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.
By employing improved technics, new technology and a bit of engenuity farmars and agriculturers can enjoy better crop yield and meat production.


Here at Ministry of Agriculture we care! Our friendly and helpful staff always at your attention ready  to give you useful advice or information.

Agricultural Planning and Land Management

Crop Research and Development

Livestock Services

Extension Services



SAA works closely with many local as well as international organizations through bilateral and multilateral cooperation which provided the Agency with additional investment to be able to carry out its mandate. Among its various partners FAO, COMESA, IOC, SADC, IAEA, IFAD and AU have been the main ones since its existence in 2009. However, it still depends on the government budget for all its core activities. However SAA will increasingly partner with other organizations, farmers, scientist, and innovators throughout the world to strive and give its best quality of service as well as to make best use of global advances in agriculture.


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